Ripple is a form of technology that is both a digital payment and cryptocurrency for financial transactions. It was launched in 2012 and the coin that runs it is called XRP and since everyone seems onboard the cryptocurrency train, here’s how you can get it for yourself. Let’s start with where to buy it. Not every cryptocurrency exchange offers Ripple, so it gets a little tedious, but we have them all listed for you: –

  1. Ripple wallets: here you can send, receive or store cryptocurrency via a special key. These are physically obtained or even online. For example, Toast wallet can be used as an alternative since it supports XRP and it is open source so it supports Android, iOS and windows.
  2. Ripple Exchanges: This is basically a cryptocurrency exchange where you can transfer or exchange different currency types, dollars or cryptocurrency. This is typically done by either transferring currency like euros or USD into bitcoins or ripple or vice versa. Some of the exchanges do not transfer USD directly to XRP but some of the online options available do, so before choosing one, know what you’re going for and that it is suitable for you.

Buying Ripple

Moving on, let us focus on how to buy this technology. There are broadly two ways to get ripple. You can either get it directly or through an exchange. While the easiest way to buy ripple is by using USD is by far the simplest way, not all exchanges possess these capabilities, and to add on to that, rates for exchange are not always that good. However, Ripple XRP can also be bought by trading in your previously procured blockchain cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. With plenty of ways to buy, there are more third-party platforms which make it simpler for the new user. These are some platforms or ways which are one of the easiest way to buy ripple:

  • Coinmama – One of the largest blockchain exchange and trading platform offers the trading of Ripple, however, this support was added recently after the sudden boom of Ripple XRP. The complete Ripple transaction takes around 6% of the fee for Coinmama.
  • Changelly – This is probably the only platform which lets you use your credit cards or debit cards while trading in the cryptocurrency market. And similarly, it also allows you to trade in Ripple using debit or credit cards.

With several other ways still there, Ripple XRP is sure here to stay for a very long time considering this is being taken very seriously by people.