If the people who are the users of the extensions of the Magento and likes to the addition of the maps of the google on the available stores. The plans of the google will help them in providing their customers with the complete details. About the locations of their making of the business when it comes to the map visible by the widgets. The people can able to add the Magento 2 google map extensions to the stores which are available at the stores. The map of the google ultimate aim is to provide the expansion of the Magento which lets the people for knowing about the maps. Not only about the usage but also with the functionality of their stores. The easiest and the most straightforward map of the google have some store which is very powerful for locating the stores. The people will get the necessary help from the extensions for their customers for finding the nearest store or offline.

The users have their address of the store in the retailers through the maps of the google are equipped with the code of embeddings. The users of the Magento and many clients will feel about the comfortable while using the map which is dedicated with the widget of the map. The map of the google should be very dedicated and offers additional features of customization in their settings.

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