The problems prior to booster

Being an active player in the strategic game of League of Legends, I quickly rose to the levels where I can play in the duo queue mode i.e. getting teamed up with a similarly skilled partner to enhance the chances of winning better in the games. Having the perfect duo partner is very important as it can aid in raising the ranks and skills of the individual players and in other ways also help in creating good matchups with other opponents that can intensify the game. But, alas! In my case, my partner (I would keep the username anonymous for obvious reasons) was not up to the mark. Both of our strategies never matched at all and despite myself bending to his tricks, he somehow ended up jeopardizing the game and this caused a great loss of levels and ranks. Getting fed up of a series of such straight defeats, I searched for alternate solutions and this is when I came across duo queue boost and its roles. The further content would be a brief elaboration of how this entire thing works.

The working

When I purchased the duo queue boost, my primary account started getting paired with this booster in all of the duo games. During the purchase, one would be given two options to go for i.e. ranked games or ranked wins. In the first, the player would have to physically go with the booster at every match while in the latter the booster alone ensures the win for the team. Hence, I preferred the second option and it turned out to be the best choice throughout my playing experience. The best thing that I liked about this booster is its combined mix of elo boost skills and good communication skill between the two. The latter is the most important parameter that indeed decides if the booster chosen would go well for that player or not.

Clearing the clouds

Similar to my case, one can also face difficulties in differentiating between simple elo boost and duo queue boost. I would define this in simpler terms by stating that the latter improves both elo as well as the overall gameplay of the entire game. As mentioned earlier, even one can get two options to choose and hence better flexibility is found in the latter. Hence, a pro tip to the anxious players, purchasing a duo queue boost will prove to be a worthful investment and you are sure to reach higher divisions via the same.